A little bit about me…

I, like probably a lot of women through the ages, am obsessed with makeup. Always have been. Ever since I got my cousin Victoria’s hand-me-down shimmer loose bronzing powder…I actually never knew because the label had been rubbed off by the time it got to me. I used that thing on my whole face AND body. No joke.

Through portals to the beauty world like makeup tutorials on YouTube, makeup Twitter and Instagram, my love for makeup and the beauty world grew. Suddenly, like a flash of light through the crisp night sky, I realized you apparently don’t need to put bronzer on your whole face. That there is thing called contour and highlight. THANK GOD FOR HIGHLIGHT! Needless to say, I fell in love.

From there on, my makeup collection grew. I asked for gift cards from Sephora, Ulta, and Macy’s for pretty much every Christmas, birthday, and Easter. Now, I take pride in my collection. That doesn’t mean that I don’t like a good bargain. Don’t worry, people! Your girl still needs to ball on budget at times just like everyone else.

This brings to me to you. Yes, you… THANK YOU! The fact that you are even here and clicked on this page is totally rad!!! (do people still say that?)

No, but seriously, thanks a ton! This blog is for everyone from the expert MUAs to the girl who needs a ten minute routine before catching the bus to work. I want you to feel comfortable here and feel free to express yourself the way you want. On here, I give tips and tricks for the working millennial, talk about my long emotional connection to makeup, and discuss trends happening now in the beauty world!

This is my beauty bible, but what I say isn’t set in stone. I’m not trying to say I’m end all be all in makeup or anything. This is just the way I do my style of beauty. I want everyone to sound off on what they find beautiful as well. (Hint: sometimes the most beautiful things aren’t in makeup, sometimes they’re in yourself).

I can’t wait to see where this thing brings us and I’m so excited. This really is going to be a blog by a makeup lover, for makeup lovers.

Hugs & Lipstick Marks,

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