Why do we impulse buy? The art of: NEED, NEED, AND MORE NEED!

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“Do not answer this call, it’s Derek Smeath!”

A recent post from Temptalia asked its readers:

How do you avoid impulse purchasing in beauty?

They picked this response:

“I think what’s important is to try and practice getting into the habit of just NO impulse purchases allowed (if it’s concerning for your financial goals or they often turn out to be regrets) and have a mental checklist of when/how a product can be purchased, e.g. read five reviews, wait a week, etc. I always recommend looking at what you’re purchasing and figuring out what is compelling about it; what is driving the impulse to buy and think more critically about whether that’s rational. Also, double-checking your stash for dupes or similar products, thinking about whether it’s something you’d actually use often (how often), and whether it will hurt your life/financial goals by buying it can help!” -Christine

Makeup and beauty products in general are sold to woman (and males as well, but due to a society falling behind at times and with highly sexist/stereotyped advertising, we do not see enough it) but as most commercials do they don’t just sell a product, they sell a lifestyle. Sure, when a person sees an ad for mascara including famous Victoria Secret supermodel, Adriana Lima, at the most surface level it was made to sell to their makeup product. But at more realistic and sub-textual level, it is made to sell to women a vision of beauty or what they could look like.

“You should want to look this…”

“Buy this mascara and you could look like this…You can (want) to be supermodel.”

“If you do not buy this product, you’ll miss out and it be one forever!”

OK, maybe that’s a bit melodramatic or is it?

…Well idk about you, but it sounds like a load of bull-crap. Makeup should be about having fun and doing what you want to your body and, again, idk about you buuuuutttt, I am not a supermodel.

Image result for confessions of a shopaholic gif

So why do most have a sick obsession with buy and hording beauty products? Well, in article for Racked, “Inside the Minds (and Vanities) of Self-Proclaimed Makeup Addicts” by Gray Chapman she wrote about this sick addition. She wrote that although many may find buying makeup in bulk a laughable matter it is indeed not. In fact, she calls it a “physiological fixation” on buying makeup and that often people use makeup purchases serving as a coping mechanism for other problems, like anxiety, stress, or depression.

A 2014 study, “Towards an understanding of Internet-based problem shopping behaviour: The concept of online shopping addiction and its proposed predictors” published by Journal of Behavioral Addictions wrote that “…low self-esteem, poor self-control, emotional distress, hedonistic enjoyment, and cognitive overload” (I.e., internet-induced over-stimulation courtesy of the beauty bloggers in your Instagram feed) as some of the most common predictors to online shopping addiction.

Also, this type of fast, non-over-thinking type of buying gives a shot of dopamine to the brain and some could call it “a rush of cosmetics straight to the blood stream” and I have fallen victim to this as well…many, many, many, many, many times.

In a post from the Hannah the Mad Dog blog by Hannah Padilla, she wrote about some ways to help with this addiction and how to help those from overspending. She said that organizing your collection frequently, keeping track of your expenses, and repeating this mantra: “It’s not going to go away” are some small ways to help the situation.

Also, doing a “no-buy” on one particular item.

“Instead of swearing off not buying makeup at all for a whole month, have you considered swearing off buying a particular makeup item instead?” Adding “I could do a “no buy” on just lipsticks and lip glosses, but be free to buy other things like highlighters. Now that doesn’t mean I go crazy splurging on highlighters. In fact, the less I buy, the more I feel empowered. ” -Hannah P.

It can be hard at times to navigate this hectic world of marketing and consumerism. But learning that you control the products you buy and that products don’t control you is how we can take back our right to purchase.

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Michelle Obama has “no intention of running for office, ever.”

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This past Tuesday former First Lady of America, Michelle Obama, released her memoir titled Becoming. She is currently on a book tour and this has let the public into what her life was like as First Lady for two years short of a decade and what life is like for her after being the wife to one of the most powerful men in the world.

In her memoir she talks about marriage and the struggle to keeping a good balance between work and being at home. She also writes about how she quit her job to help Barack focus on his campaign run in 2008. She took a leave of absence from her job at the University of Chicago Medical Center saying,

“knowing that it would be impossible, really, to stay on and be effective.”

She talks about her personal life and about her past with troubles having a baby. She went through several rounds of IVF after she kept having miscarriages. She had both Sasha and Malia though the in vitro procedure.

On very emotional, raw, and real level Michelle speaks about feeling like she “failed” and she, like many other women, had little to no knowledge of miscarriages because they are so little talked about in the public.

“I think it’s the worst thing that we do to each other as women, not share the truth about our bodies and how they work,”

Image result for michelle obama

She also mentions that with her new free time she is enjoying as much civilian life as possible and has no plans on running for office in the future. She wrote that at the age of 54 she is “still a work in progress” and has no idea what her future holds for her. What she does know is that after giving the main stage to her husband for nearly a decade it is  now time to for her to discover what her own legacy is going to be.

Image result for michelle obama gif

To read the full story, go pick up a copy of her memoir Becoming which is now out in stores and online!

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SPECIAL REPORT: California Wildfire’s death toll has risen to 42 and predicted to increase.

This is a special report on the California wildfires.

This is not what I usually talk about here on my blog but I felt it was necessary.

This past week, wildfires have spread in California at rates that gave people just hours to evacuate their homes and run to safer ground. The fires ripped through Malibu.


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And also in the town of  Calabasas earlier in the week as well.


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Now, the fires have reached Paradise, California and, unfortunately, have not let up. While 42 have been confirmed dead, at the moment, that number is expected to rise by the end of the week. Over 200 people have still been reported missing; cadaver dogs are sniffing through the rubble in order to find any life or those have lost theirs.


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As the fires continue to roar out in California, if you would like to donate to the victims and recovery efforts you can do so. For 15 years, the The California Community Foundation’s Wildfire Relief Fund has offered aid to those affected by wildfires. Grants have gone to rebuilding homes, providing financial and mental health assistance and helping those affected to get medical treatment.

I may be based all the way out on the East Coast but, trust me, everyone is feeling for those affected by these fires. My prayers of safety go out to those who need it most. Especially those who might not be as fortunate as the celebrities who fled their homes.


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Ezra Miller gives a middle finger to gender stereotypes in latest photo shoot.

The Gospel According to: Gender Bending Royalty

In a spread for GQ Style this past week, the Perks of Being a Wallflower actor, Ezra Miller took gender bending to new heights for the publication in his shoot.

In the interview, Miller talks about his farm in Vermont and what it means to be a male actor in 2018. Among being best known for his roles like We Need to Talk About Kevin, he also talks about his life on the farm and most importantly his goats; four to be exact. Also, they are all pregnant and he can’t wait to deliver the babies.

The actor would like readers to know he is not a “hippie”. Ezra laments on this fact saying:

“…were white people who, you know, came from privilege at a time of a lot of important movements and took a lot of drugs and made a lot of noise, which drowned out the very valid sound that was being made by a lot of really important movements at that time. And then they all sold out and became…our parents.”

He also told GQ that he was nervous for the shoot and felt the pressures of former cover models on himself, but when they gave him creative control he was excited about the shoot’s direction. Miller talks a bit about his queer identity and what type of human he wants to be with, which basically he is not quite sure who.

The theme of his photos feature Ezra in several get-ups, all gender fluid, and even featuring makeup up in some.

This shoot was amazingly put together and the finished products is nothing more than outstanding and comforting. Comforting to know that this represents the future. There are so many more possibilities for shoots like this one and, hopefully, they’ll be many more to come.


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Apple Music misunderstanding had Ariana Grande fans asking “Who the hell is Aubrey?”

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As many know, Ms. Ariana Grande is no longer going to future Mrs. Davidson any more after the popstar called things off a few weeks back. The split seemed to be amicable until Pete Davidson took a few hits on his failed engagement in public.

First, at an event thrown by Judd Apatow just a few days after the break up; Davidson said:

“Well, as you could tell, I don’t want to be here. There’s a lot going on. Does anybody have any open rooms? Looking for a roommate?”

Then, he was featured in a SNL promo for host, Jonah Hill. Where he again mocks the breakup.

{Skip to :15}

It should be noted that all the jokes were not exactly pointed at Grande, but instead more making fun of himself and his foolishness.

The drama escalated last week when the “God Is a Women” singer tweeted out to her fans about her feeling toward her ex’s comments.

Image result for thank you next

This tweet quickly turned into a meme by her fans and then picked up by news outlets as the come back of 2018. It seemed like she was totally done with Pete and that she would rather everyone forget about the called-off engagement until November 4, 2018…

Ariana surprised fans with a song called “thank u, next” in lieu of her tweet dissing her ex. Fans were ecstatic and called the songs one of the most empowering to all those who have broken up with someone recently or well…ever. Not to mention the fact the singer released it just 30 minutes before SNL aired. The ultimate power move.

There was one mishap though and it wasn’t the fault of Ms. Grande by Apple Music’s interpretation of her lyrics. The lyrics read:

Plus, I met someone else
We havin’ better discussions
I know they say I move on too fast
But this one gon’ last
‘Cause her name is Aubrey
And I’m so good with that (So good with that)

But wait…who is Aubrey???

Image result for thank you next

Many fans took to twitter to say that Ariana was coming out to her fans. Many others also speculated that it would have been a odd way to come out.

Of course the she cleared all that up when Apple Music went back and changed it to “Ari” instead of “Aubrey” after she tweeted at them.

Capture 5

She did thank them though!

Capture 6

Now, that everything is alright in the world, do yourself a favor and go listen to the masterpiece. It’ll have you saying “thank u, next” at any minor inconvenience in life. You can listen below:



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Top 5 Celebrity Costumes (that went all the hell out)

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I don’t know about any of you, but it feels like it’s been Halloween for 2 weeks now… I think that is because it landed this year on a Wednesday. So either you go out the weekend before or any of the days leading up to the ~spoo000oky~ holiday.

This is does mean we are getting the most premium and outlandish costumes from celebrities IG and paparazzi shots though!

It means a lot to me to see celebs who put their heart and soul into costumes because it not only shows they can let loose and have fun but it also makes them more like us.

So here are the top 5 celeb costumes that went all out: (These are in no particular order by the way)

  1. HalseyImage result for halsey poison

This year she decided to dress up as Poison Ivy, particularly the one from the 1997 Batman movie with George Clooney and Uma Thurman. She even went to the botanical gardens and did the whole routine which you can watch below:

She truly embodied the presence and confidence that Poison Ivy had. A+ work, Halsey!

2. Kylie Jenner & Stormi

Get ready for major cuteness.

Capture 3.PNG

This year, among many other costumes Kylie adorned, one of the fan favorites was the one she had with her daughter, Stormi Webster, this year for her first and most fabulous Halloween. As you can see they dressed up as the cutest butterflies! Ahhh that baby is so adorable (so many heart eyes)!

BONUS: Kylie and her fellow Kardashian sisters also dressed up as Victoria’s Secret angels this year and the actual costumes were loan to them by Victoria’s Secret! Check it out below:

Image result for kardashian vs angels

3. Camila Mendes & Lili Reinhart

Image result for Camila Mendes & Lili Reinhart napoleon

The two lovely ladies from Riverdale both dressed as the two main characters from the classic movie Napoleon Dynamite. Mendes, 24, pulled her hair back, drew on a mustache and wore jeans and a button-down blue shirt for her look, while Reinhart, 22, nailed her character’s empty expression in a “Vote for Pedro” shirt and curly blonde hair. The girls were fully committed according to their Instagram.

Capture 4.PNG

4. Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner

The married couple to be dressed for two different Halloween parties this year. They first dressed as an elephant and Joe went as his fiance’s infamous character on Game of Thrones, Sansa Stark.

Image result for joe jonas and sophie turner

They also went as the wonderfully scary TV couple Mr. & Mrs. Adams from The Adams Family.

Image result for joe jonas and sophie turner

This couple really knows how to do Halloween right!

5. Harry Styles

Former 1D band member, Harry Styles, went all glam and all fab with his Elton John number.

Image result for harry styles elton john

Styles was covered from head to toe in sequins and rhinestones to pay homage to the Goodbye Yellow Brick Road singer last Saturday. I think that they make a perfect pair…maybe a duet is in the future???

No matter what costume you may or may not have worn this Halloween, always know that the best costume of all-time award definitely goes to this lovely one:

Related image



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