The Assassination of Gianni Versace (Again)

The Gospel According to: American (fashion) Crime Story



If you don’t know already the fashion brand, Michael Kors, purchased Versace for a little over… 2 BILLION DOLLARS?!?


Although this wasn’t much of surprise because it has been in talks for a few weeks and was an almost definite thing then. Now, its a reality. Great. So there’s that.

This purchase is not the only one that Kors has made recently. The brand also purchased Jimmy Choo conglomerate last year around the same time. So, that’s also a thing.

Image result

Michael Kors has changed the umbrella name to Capri Holdings (ooo, ~fancy~). I bet you can sense my feelings towards this whole purchase. I will admit I have a particular distaste for Michael Kors itself. I feel like it is just a basic white girl’s idea of “high fashion.” I might sound a little judgmental…and that because I am.

I try for the most part to realize that everyone has a unique style and for the most part whatever one likes is valid. Some people like wearing 90s grunge clothes, some like Vineyard Vines, and some even wear superhero tees. That’s great! Maybe this is due to Kors’ wide availability that makes it soooooo popular among the average millennial. I have even fallen in the trap of asking a watch for my 15th birthday. It is a pretty watch…but kind of outdated.

I’m upset. This basic brand that all the rich girls in my high-school coveted have bought one of the most innovative and creative fashion haus’ of the 21st century! When I was a teenager if you didn’t have a Michael Kors bag as your school bag, then you weren’t cool. Which was pretty impracticable if you ask me. The bags at the time were small and had literally no pockets. Like WTF? Also, mind you this is before they came out with backpacks.

Also, also!!!!

I feel the brand represents culturally ignorant white girls who think other high fashion brands are “weird” and don’t even understand couture or avant-garde.

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If you like Michael Kors, then good for you. Keep doing you.

But it should be noted that Inspire Brands just bought Sonic this week for 2.3 billion…………………………………..Versace was purchased for 2.1 bil.

This means Sonic was worth more than Versace.

I can’t!

I laugh!

OK, I’m done.


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Pat McGrath: A Woman Not to Be Messed With

The Gospel According to: Just take my bank account, Pat.

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Many of the beauty community know of the cult fav, Pat McGrath Labs. A woman who shattered many records in the past year regarding her highly successful business and makeup brand (something to the tune of $1B).

Reports came out this week of a sneak peek of her highly coveted eyeshadow pallets, that flew off the shelves the first round when they were released a few months ago, for her holiday collection.

Capture 2

The “Decadence” Palette from her initial Mothership Series

And good luck trying to snatch up these babies because they sell like hotcakes and are consistently adorned with the “Out of Stock” sign on both her website and Sephora. If you don’t believe me go look for yourself! If you do happen to stumble upon a restock well then lucky you…

In an article recently put out by PopSugar, they point out the glaringly obvious fact that these things don’t come cheap. To those who aren’t into makeup or see buying expensive makeup as a waste of money theeeeeennn….this post isn’t for you.

Now, as for the rest of us, we understand that beauty doesn’t come cheap and personally I can’t always afford these products as well. I get that the average beauty consumer doesn’t always have the extra dough just lying around to shell out almost $150 on a makeup palette but if you can splurge on these items every once and a while then Pat’s products are the way to go.

As mentioned earlier her Mothership palettes are merely divine, but of course, I always feel it is best to go swatch and try out the palette for yourself in a store like in Sephora. Especially if you are spending your hard earned cash on it! Some people love it for the name and the hype that most of the beauty community gives her products, but despite that, you should always go see the makeup for yourself in person. You wouldn’t necessarily buy a car without test driving it first, would you?

Maybe that was a little too dramatic, but you get my drift.

Image result for pat mcgrath swatch gif

Holy. Dear. Mother. of. God

Above everything else, I would pay the money for this brand because I know that Pat puts her heart and soul into every product in her line. That means a lot to me as a consumer.

She is also self-made, and a woman of color who is breaking through barriers that have existed in the beauty community now for decades. She worked her up from being a makeup artist and then skyrocketing from there on. This was to point wherein 2015 people were basically begging her to come out with her own line. Now she sits at the top of the throne in the beauty community and rightfully so.


So, you might have to ask yourself: Do you want to pay the money for a product you know that has taken time and dedication to be the best it can be?

Or is that something important to you?

The decision is up to you.

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Taking lip-balm to a whole new level!

The Gospel According to: Kisses from soft-cinnamon-bun-angels :*


NSFW has a lot to offer. Especially some of the weirdest trends that many will see pop up throughout the year. Like Grandma Sweaters:

And whatever this thing on this girl’s head…

Bucket hats are still a thing…

But if all of that seems foreign to the average beauty-lover makeup is always a surefire way to bring back come comfortably while always exploring new colors, techniques and products that innovate and push the beauty community forward. People these days have busy lives and most importantly shouldn’t have to worry about their lipstick running off or smearing throughout the day.

MAC debuted their new formula of lipstick this past week NSFW 2019! Its called “Powder Kiss” It looks pretty damn amazing.

Pic 1.PNG

For a couple days there were pretty “hush, hush” about the new lippie coming to shelves and online in October (no official release date has been announced). As most of makeup enthusiasts or should I say MAC enthusiast know lipsticks come in all diffident varieties like liquid, creme, gloss, matte, balm, etc. Now, MAC is adding this formula to there extensive and legendary collection.

The lipstick is said to feel lighter than matte and not as dramatic as a full pigmented creme lipstick. It is supposed to feel comfortable on the lips, give a soft color, and  leave your lips with a freshly kissed hue.

This will definitely take your lip balm game to next level is all the claims are true. Mattes traditionally leave many’s lips feeling crusty and dry. That is pretty much their biggest down side.

So, if  pretty lipstick can given a great color pay off AND be matte AND not suck the moisture out of my lips then just take my money now, MAC. 

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Me when new products are launched

I’m personally so excited for this new launch. Mostly, because of what i said in the begging of this post. Anything that is new and innovative for the beauty community is win. And like fashion it starts its way at the top of the food chain at the more expensive and exclusive places then eventually will trickle down into the drug stores and affordable makeup brands.

Things like the cat-eye stamps, glitter sprays, and magnetic lashes are really interesting to say the least. Push the community forward and always sparking new ideas for artists and makeup newbies to experiment and create new and exciting looks!

At the end of the day, isn’t that what beauty and self-care all about? Always strive to be your best self and at least for me makeup helps with that.

As of right now MAC said there will be 16 shades, as to what those shades are we are yet to find out (except for the picture in the article).

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