Have a Tan-tastic Summer this 2018

The Gospel According to: All My Beauties Who Need Some (fake) Sun


Don’t want to end up like Ross!

Like I said in my first post, I used to overdo it with the bronzer and then I would end up looking like a freaking orange. Those days, thankfully, are over for me. Fingers crossed…

Today, I’m going to showing you my full proof self-tan routine to ensure that you get the tan of your dreams avoiding all orange-y-ness. So, let’s get right into it, shall we?

The “Fake It till Ya Make It” Self-Tan Routine

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“I spray…I bring to the heat to New Jersey.” (only OG fans will understand this…)

Prepping the Skin

This is the key to getting a good application when applying your tan. When you prep your skin, you are basically setting yourself up for greatness and for your fake tan to last longer, so that when it does fade it will look more natural. So, take the time to do this step and people will be wondering if you’re just a glowing queen naturally. Which you totally are!

The first thing you are going to want to do is shave everywhere you will be applying the tanning solution to. Shaving ensures that you skin in nice and smooth for a more even application. Unfortunately, this step really can’t be avoided, at least on your legs, because the hair can mess up the tan and you’ll get little white dots on your leg and it will look splotchy.

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I enjoy doing this routine on a lazy weekend day when I know I won’t be going out and can just take my time. Let’s face it…shaving is exhausting especially when it’s your whole body.

Also, I recently just started shaving with olive oil and I highly recommend using it instead of your normal shave cream. This keeps the skin hydrated and it’s natural. (Just be sure to wash down your tub after using oil because it can make your shower really slippery, which can be dangerous)

Image result for Venus Swirl Flexiball Purple Women's Razor

This is the razor I use and it works like a charm

You want to shave your whole leg if you know you are going to be showing your entire leg. Most of the time, I just shave up to a little bit past my kneecap on my upper thigh if I know I won’t be exposing my full leg. So, this step just depends on what you’ll be wearing in the near future.

After shaving all the necessary parts of your body, this next step you can either do before shaving or after. I like to do this after, personally.

You are going to want to exfoliate the skin to get rid of any dead skin cells and dry patches that may be on your body. Exfoliating is essential to fake tanning because, like shaving, this makes for not just a more even application, but also makes your tan last longer. Dry skin can cause your fake tan to flake off and when it fades you and the whole world will know our little secret that you fake tan! (lol jk no shaming here)

For this step, I like to take my pair of exfoliating gloves. They sell a bunch on Amazon, I just picked up mine at Ulta one day.

I take these gloves and use them for a double duty action with my actual exfoliator. Next, take about a quarter size amount on the gloves and then take your hands and grab the calf on both sides. I will then rub up and down to really work the product into my leg. You can also add in some circular motions on the kneecaps and heels of your feet for some extra exfoliation, because these places tend to be drier.

S18_BTY_532_e6639460 2

LOVE THIS THING! This is the “Very Sexy Now Beach Body Scrub With Sea Sand“; Normally $25 (on sale currently for $12.99)

Make sure to get you elbows, chest, neck, and writs as well. These are all places that should be given some extra attention, dead skin tends linger in these areas. It should feel tough and maybe slightly discomforting at times. You are going to want to use a heavy-duty exfoliator for your body because you really want to make sure it gets it as smooth as possible.

Then, you’re going to want to go ahead and take you fav body wash to cleanse your skin of any leftover sand particles and whatnot.


This is my current shower wash, smells soooo yummy. Like a cotton candy tropical vacation. “Brazilian 4 Play Moisturizing Shower Cream-Gel“; $25

My next step is to moisturize the skin. I like to moisturize in the shower for the most part by using an “in-shower body lotion”. I especially will do this before I self-tan because it locks in hydration but doesn’t leave your skin too oily where the tan won’t stick to the skin, which can happen.

I use this one from NIVEA and it works so well with my skin. The body lotion comes in two different formulas, “Dry Skin” and “Very Dry Skin”, I use the one in the dark blue bottle because I want as much moisture as possible, but both work well. This step is just up to your preference. I apply this to my wet skin and I like to leave it on for a few minutes before washing away with water to really let the lotion work its magic.

When getting out of the shower you want to pat dry you skin with your towel, so you do not wipe off the moisturizer you just applied. This whole “prepping the skin routine” is great because it just leaves your skin so soft and supple; if you aren’t tanning, prep is so good to do just in general.

Time to G.T.L., Bro (Glow, Tan, and Lie Down ((because you’re exhausted from shaving)) lol)

Related image

The actual application is the make or break of it this whole thing. You’ve properly prepped the skin so now putting on the self-tan should be a breeze! Picking the right self-tanner is a crucial part of getting a realistic and beautiful bronze glow.

To be honest, this is the one step that I would have to say you might want to splurge on. After many years of trial and error, my best fake tans are with products that have cost me a little more dough.

Now, that’s not to say a hefty price is sure sign of a good tan. So, do your research and the best way to see what a self-tanning product looks like on the skin is to just watch reviews on YouTube of people actually trying out the product.

This year I recently just started using Loving Tan. This product has been sponsored by a lot of a beauty gurus and IG models for a couple of years now. I never really played into the hype of it before, but now it is currently being sold in store for the first time at Ulta. In May, I had a wedding to go to and I hadn’t had any chance to catch up on a real tan…you know…like…by the sun.

Related image

Image result for was that place the sun gif









But I actually didn’t even want to tan the natural way because I’m trying to take better care of my skin and spending too much time in the sun causes premature age spots and skin cancer. So, I really wanted to just self-tan. I bit the bullet and picked this baby up and now I can’t ever go back.


Loving Tan “2 HR Express Self Tanning Mousse“; $39

I use the “2 Hour Express” version because it takes the quickest time to develop. I also feel it gives the darkest and richest tan out of all of the other versions. Also, 2 hours is the minimum, sometimes, I’ll apply this and let it develop for several hours and, at times, overnight (be warned it will leave a little residue on your sheets if they are light).

Before applying your tan, make sure your whole body is COMPLETELY dry. Any left-over water from the shower can cause the tan to run and not develop properly.

And make sure you have cleansed your face and completed your whole skincare routine. Don’t make the same mistake I did last time. Which consisted of me first applying my tan and then washing my face only to have huge water stain running down my arms because my tan hadn’t even begun to develop yet. I saved it in the end but save yourself the extra hassle and tan after washing your face.

I should mention that you can use a regular body lotion when coming out of the shower, but you need to wait and make sure that it has thoroughly soaked into your skin and there is no left over residue because it will, again, ruin the application.

OK…phew. Now, let’s get that self-tanner on your body!

Take you fav tanning mitt I have been currently using this one which I found at Ulta:


MineTan “Bronze On Applicator Mitt“; $7.95

I use the “four, three, two, one” method. This means Four pumps for each leg and the feet. Three pumps for each arm and shoulders. Two pumps for my chest. And finally, One pump for my neck and touch up areas.

Apply the self-tan to your mitt and rub in circular motions. I usually go in order of the numbers. So, I start with my legs. I work it into my whole calf and thigh, while making sure to keep my knee bent so I can get into all the lines and crevices. With the left-over product, I will being to work it into me feet, wrapping the mitt around and between each toe and even flexing them so it blends into the knuckles on your toes. Don’t forget the ankles too!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Screen grabs taken from this video by Zoe Spruston. She explains in detail how she applies her tan and it is how I learned, so I highly suggest taking a glance at it!

Next, I apply the tan to my arms and shoulders almost the same way as my legs. In circular motions, making sure to bend my elbow and, with left over product, wrap the mitt around each finger and bend them so they match the rest of my body.

As for the back, you can either have some do it for you (thanks, mom) or if no one is available and you are by yourself I’m usually able to reach the top of my back shoulders and neck. This is usually enough for me because I don’t wear a lot of backless things.

Image result for Kabuki Face Brush

E.L.F “Kabuki Face Brush“; $6

Then, I take two pumps to my chest and blend that in. Finally, taking one pump for my neck. For this part, I actually do not use the mitt, I use a kabuki brush.

For the more sensitive skin on my neck, I feel a brush just gives better and more even application. I’ll still apply the tan in circular motions, but the brush ensures that it gets all over my neck and everywhere around it.

You can pump the self-tan directly onto the brush or to the mitt and blend it in with the kabuki. It’s your choice.

As time passes the tan develops and appears darker and darker. When you desire to do so, hop into the shower for a quick wash and rinse off the developer. When you get out just simply pat dry and TA DA! You’re left with a bronzed and gorgeous fake tan (and no one will be able to tell the difference).

I never apply self-tanner to my face just because usually they can clog your pores and if you wash your face every day (which you should be) then it just rinses off anyways. I find that matching your tan to a darker foundation is the better and easier choice.


But if you aren’t going to wearing makeup and still want the tan to match your face, then you can also use tanning face-oil drops. I love the ones created by Ulta’s own brand.


You can apply these by mixing a few drops into your face moisturizer to leave a subtle but glowing tan. This has Aloe Vera and Green Tea which help soothes and hydrates the skin.


Apply at night and wake up with healthy morning glow!


After Tanning

In my experience, I’ve found you can shower up to 2-3 times before the tan starts to dissipate and fade away. You just have to be gentle when washing and make sure to always pat the skin dry. And if you want to reapply then just exfoliate the skin to get rid of your previous tan and reapply. I have found that the tan fades amazingly and very natural to the point where I can’t even tell.

If you want to maintain your tan between applications, you can purchase a body lotion that some color to it to keep the glow going and going.

Image result for Natural Glow Pump

Jergens “Natural Glow Pump”; $12.99

“This moisturizer creates a color that’s gradual…Formulated with a blend of antioxidants and Vitamin E, Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer helps keep skin healthy-looking and nourished, so you’ll see, feel and experience natural-looking color that is the very essence of your beauty.” -Jergens


Related image

So, cheers, everyone! Here’s to looking fab and like a bronzed goddess that has everyone captivated. You’ll have them asking, “Do they holiday in Antigua?”

Yes… yes you do 😉

Q: Have you ever self-tanned before? If so, what products do you like?

Hugs & Lipstick Marks,

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Let’s Pack a Beach Bag!

The Gospel According to: The sun, I swear! It’s bleaching out my gorgeous hair!?!


“It’s right there…”

Today, my beauty queens, we are backing our fav beach tote up for some much needed R&R by the ocean! Or where ever you go to cool down in the warmer months.

I’m so excited to show you some of my fav summer products and what I HAVE TO have when I’m taking in the sun and splashing in the water. Also, as I write this it is currently thunder-storming so I’m in desperate need of it.

This is an in-depth post, so sit back and grab a snack cause we’re going to the beach!

OK that is all, thx! Love you guys :*

Now, on with the post!

Image result for fabulous high school musical gif skies

The Bag:

This all depends on what type of bag you like to carry. Most of time I will take a tote to the beach because totes can double as real bags if you decide to go out to eat or if you are traveling and are limited with items to bring. I have two options for you guys:

Options 1: The Classic Tote (won’t break the bank)

I like this bag because its big enough to store the essentials and also not too big as to where it gets heavy and obnoxious. Also, its a plus that it is so fashionable and has a cute colorful accent to it as well (the tassel is removable if you were worried about it collecting sand). It has an interior pocket to store away small personal items for safe keeping.

Option 2: The Splurge (because life’s a beach)

This is the bag for the people who like a bigger more high-end option. It zips fully closed and has a large interior pocket too! Its beautiful design just screams “beach day!” This review shows just how great of tote it is:


The proof is in the pudding, people! In addition to these two totes, you can go through a heap of them that are relatively inexpensive at places like Target, TJMaxx, and Kohls.

A Beach Towel:

When it comes to beach towels, of course whatever you have on hand will do, but if you are looking for something more luxurious and cute, then, Turkish towels are the way to go.

These towels are great because they are made of ultra soft and absorbent 100% Turkish cotton! This is perfect for the beach, pool, backyard, and basically where ever you need a towel to relax on and dry you off. Also, because they are so lightweight they dry super fast.

Image result for koza beach towel

A Wristlet:

Writlets are great for the beach because they can hold money, credit cards, hotel keys, small makeup products, etc. These are also great if you want to go buy something but don’t want to tug around your beach bag or for its late in the day and you’re going out.


Straw Pouch; Regularly $9.99 (currently on sale for $7.49)

This is a quick way to reach your personals in a pinch without them getting lost in the abyss of your tote. I would also add a floating key-chain if, god forbid, it falls into the water. The keychain will keep it afloat. One can be found like that here.

My mom has also had a waterproof change holder ever since I was little and still uses it to this day. Its actually really good if you need change for the parking meter and whatnot!

Image result for Waterproof Storage Case Money Coin Holder

She has one exactly like the pink one! lol. You can buy it here

Waterproof Bathing Suit Pouch:

These are a must if you know you will be changing out of your wet bathing suit later on in the day. You never want to put your wet bathing suit in your beach tote, this will get everything else wet and also if left for a while it can start to smell, especially if its in a hot car on a sweltering day.


Instead pick up a pouch like this:

This is small enough to fit a bathing suit top and bottoms. If you want something a little more for your flip flops that packs into itself to save space in your beach bag, the one shown below is good choice.

A Cover-Up:

This is a classic beach essential. A beach cover-up is so necessary because this can be your outfit going to the beach, if you go to get something to eat or shop, and (if it isn’t too see-through an outfit) to change into when you leave. If you came from afar to the beach and are going to be in the car awhile, then, this is good idea because you can be comfy and dry the whole way.

Gorgeous cover-up found here

This is another beautiful one available in plus sizes

It really is the best way to dress up any bathing suit as well.

For Blasting Some Tunes:

If you want everyone to listen to some music a portable/wireless speaker is the best way  to go. There are a lot on the market these days and most are pretty pricey. I personally love this one from Sunny Life:

I love this speaker because it is both water and sand proof. It takes batteries so you don’t have to worry about charging it, this also means its wireless. Works with any smart phone plug and has AM/FM radio capabilities which is just classic summer at the beach! An Aux cord is included which is a great plus. AND they come in like a bunch of colors and designs to best match your personal style.

What the inside looks like

But if you are more of the person who likes to tune out the world and just listen to your personal collection of music then earbuds are the best option (or you just really want to listen to Shawn Mendes as a 21 year old girl who is way too old to be listening to him and doesn’t want to be judged) ((BTW: I won’t judge)).

Headphones can get bulky and make your ears sweat if it’s really hot. So, earbuds work best for the beach or poolside.

These ones from Skullcandy are great! They are wireless (battery life lasts up to 6 or so hours) and has a microphone if you want to talk on the phone. A great way to not make your wallet hurt but listen to your music with high quality audio speakers.

Keeping You Charged & Protected:

I have mentioned this in a previous post but portable chargers are not just a must have in your beach bag but this thing should just be everywhere you are.

Keeps your phone from dying and keeps you connected with the outside world.

Imagine the sun is setting and its getting to that golden hour where the sky looks like a delicious orange and you just got to snap a pic for the gram and…NOOOOO!!! Your phone has died! Very emotional, I know…


Or you’re striking a pose like me… (2003)

Can’t have that happening, now can we? This portable charger ensures that snaps and selfies will be taken.

I love Belkin brand products because they tend to be pretty durable but also stylish as well. They come in a lot of different colors.  This portable charger has a:

“Standard USB-A output for smartphones, tablets, headphones, cameras and tons of other devices. Small design fit comfortably inside most pockets. Features temperature regulation technology that prevents wasting energy through overheating” -Belkin

Also, when you’re by a body of water you will probably want to keep your electronics safe too. There are many waterproof phone cases out there but they tend to be pretty bulky and sometimes even ugly. I like waterproof phone bags instead!

These not only hold your phone to it keep from getting wet but can also be used to store your money and keys all in one place.

They can be shared with people who have different phones from you because they fit most of them. Whereas if it was a case, it will only fit the phone it was made for. Also, if you are one that loves underwater filming and snapping pics this a great way to do so.

These are more multi-purposeful too! You can use them for not only water but dirt, sand, snow, and dust! I can go on and on about how much of lifesaver these bags truly are.

For Thirsty Boys & Gals:

Let’s face it, it gets pretty hot at the beach and all that heat is making you…thirsty…BUT in a good way!

I love Swell bottles for a hot beach day! You probably have heard of these before because they are so saturated in the public right now. I know that I get ads for them all the time on Instagram.

Swell really does work through I should say. I have two and they are literally all I use for the beach but also for keeping my water ice-cold next to my bedside! You know when you wake up in the middle of the night and your mouth feels like the Sahara Desert? Ugh, the worst! This saves you from that horrible feeling.


Part of the Destination Collection: “Los Angeles”; $25-$45

Swell bottles keep your liquids cold for 24 hours and hot for 12. They are made of high-grade stainless steel meaning they very durable and don’t stain on the interior. They fit in most standard cup holders and the opening fits most ice cube sizes too.

Also between me, you, and the wall the 25oz size can hold a whole bottle of wine! Great for concealing your alcohol and keeping it cold. 😉

Tip: If you have an “.edu” email from your school then you can use it to create a student account on Swell and get 20% off select products. Score! Find out how it works here


The Lily Pulitzer x Swell Collection

Capture 19.PNG

From the Resort 365 blog by Lily Pulitzer

Sooooooo pretty!

And have no fear of your bottle getting full of sand if it has condensation on it! I just found these things and now I don’t know what I was doing without them! They are called Spikers and can be found on Amazon and if you like personalized ones they can be found on Etsy.

Great for the beach and stands firmly in the sand. They also don’t just hold your drinks but your portable speakers, phones, and anything you want to keep from the sand as well.

Some Sunnies:

A lot of blogs and publications put out lists like this one for what to pack in a beach bag before every summer. Often they will say something like “Don’t forget to pack some cheap sunglasses!” While I understand their intent, which is get cheaper ones because you won’t care if they get damaged or lost in the water and whatnot, I would take this advice with great caution.

When being in direct sunlight your eyes need to be protected to the fullest extent.

“Ultraviolet radiation is the energy radiated by the sun that arrives on Earth in wavelengths too short for us to see. Both UVA– and UVBradiation– can be harmful to your eyes.” -From CNN

So, please protect your beautiful eyes! Invest in some good sunglasses that state that they have “100% UV protection” on them.

Foster Grant Sunnies in the style Dempsey”; $30

These sunglasses are great option that have full UV protection and aren’t too expensive. The best way to find good sunglasses for having some fun in the sun is to consult your eye doctor!

Beauty Products:

These next five products are ones that I like to take to the beach with me:

#1: Neutrogena “Ultra Sheer Body Mist SPF 45” ; $10.99


This sunscreen provides broad-spectrum UV protection all with an ultra light sheer mist.

It has an ultra-light, non-greasy finish and is waterproof, sweat-proof and resists running into eyes.

The weightless formula applies easily to “even hard-to-reach” areas because of the “one-touch continuous spray” handel that works at any angle.

And best part it won’t clog pores! Woo!




#2: Supergoop “Acai Fusion Lip Balm” ; $9.50

super_acai_lip_800-e1529383322917.jpgThis a lip balm is nourishing for the lips which is good for any lip balm but also is soothing to the lips too.

Your lips can really can get dry and chapped when in the sun and just in summer months in general. So, instead of licking your lips which can irritate them even more, just add some of this lip balm.

“Lips are one of the most sun-sensitive parts of your body. This lip balm, made with moisturizing shea butter, will lock in hydration while protecting from the sun.”

Also, best part is that it has 30 Broad Spectrum SPF.


#3: Summer’s Eve “Cotton Breeze Body Powder” ; $2.98


I love this body powder because it keeps everything dry and cool.

This feminine powder makes it easy for you to care for your “down there” by absorbing moisture, which can cut down on irritation and itching.

Summer’s Eve is a hypoallergenic powder which is made of ingredients that are gentle on your skin and are gynecologist tested!

It neutralizes odors and leaves behind a lovely light and fresh scent. You can apply it directly to your vulva or put some inside your underwear.

Also, its free of talc which is essential for any powder you put near your bikini line.

#4: IGK “Beach Club Texture Spray Mini” ; $14


This spray is good for all hair types and has a lightweight, build-able non-drying formula that instantly adds texture and volume to your hair.

The spray locks in those beautiful beach waves you got from the going into the ocean (or you can use it on your normal hair to fake-it lol).

This has a salt-free formula, so it is safe for color and keratin treatments! It is a texture spray that can be used on wet or dry hair.

“Formulated to add volume and texture to hair to create a sexy, wind-blown look, it also adds fullness, hold, and a cool, matte finish.”

All while being free of  parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.

“This product features the IGK Miami scent, featuring lush, vibrant notes of guava, coconut water, pink lotus, midnight violet, and vanilla. It’s cruelty-free and free of mineral oil, petroleum, and gluten. With UV protection.”

#5: Moroccanoil “After-Sun Milk Soothing Body Lotion” ; $28

body_sun_aftersunmilk_1_1-e1529383961295.jpgFor my beauties that burn easily or just need to cool down after being the sun and heat all day long this is a great product for you.

“Enhance and extend your sun-kissed glow with this body lotion. It soothes, hydrates, and nourishes the skin with a touch of cooling aloe, antioxidant-rich argan oil, and vitamin E.”

Its lightweight, has a fast-absorbing formula and is infused with coconut and passion fruit oils so it smells so incredibly yummy, and has a luxurious Monoï scent as well.

Just smooth it over the body after sun exposure. That’s it! So cooling and refreshing and it is great for all skin types.


Image result for baby moana beach gif

You’re ready for the beach, queen! Now, go grab your best floppy sun hat and rock that summer bod. Its about some time for some (safe) fun in the sun!

Q: What’s your go-to beach bag essential?

Hugs & Lipstick Marks,

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True Life: I’m a Makeup Hoarder

The Gospel According To: Hello, my name is Sabrina and I’m addicted to makeup.




Last year I went full renovation mode on my room. Starting with a new fresh coat of paint, then a new bed, and TV! I was beyond grateful for everything I got. Although, I’ve been through the ringer with my room.

I have had the same furniture and bed since I was FOUR years old! I just never complained and it never bothered me. Then, I got older and taller and suddenly I definitely needed a update desperately.

The last piece I got for my room was my desk. A place to store my makeup instead of bunch of big and heavy makeup bags. Through some extensive research and looking at stores, I came to the conclusion I was going to be doing what most millennials and 20-something-year-olds have been doing for years…IKEA!

I purchased two Alex 5 Drawers and a matte white table top. Easy to clean and looks elegant. This is what most Beauty Gurus do to store their makeup. Actually, they have so much beauty products that they usually will store it in the Alex 9 Drawers. I’m not there yet…yet.


Not my desk, just giving you a picture of what it looks like and my desk top is matte, not glossy

I tried…I really tried. I tried my hardest to keep it clean. I thought because I was updating my room, I was growing up and finally going to be mature. My room was going to look like it came out of the apartment section from Urban Outfitters. I was going to keep it clean because I’m now an Adult™ or maybe more of an #Adult…

Yeah, well that lasted for about a whole hot second and half. Lol. OK maybe longer than that. But still, I tried. Now, it’s a little more unorganized.


You’re getting what it is really like to love makeup

OK…maybe more than a little unorganized.

So for today’s post I’m going to be taking you on the roller coaster that is my beauty desk and how I cleaned and organized it back to health.

Image result for cleaning gif

Me cleaning

Clean Up, Clean Up, Everybody Clean Up!

Stage 1: Shock

2:56 pm

I cannot believe I let it get this far???

I originally planned to do this on Friday and write my post that night in order to have it out on Saturday, like I normally do. But that just couldn’t happen. I had work earlier that day and by the time I got home it was so late already. I also didn’t know how to begin to even tackle this mess. So, I postponed it until Saturday.

Now, I have to begin to do this…ughhhhhhhh…

Stage 2: Denial

3:04 pm

This can’t be my mess???

How can this be my mess???

Well, Sabrina, it is. You’ve only done this to yourself. You have made your mess, now, clean it!

I started this all by organizing my drawers. I have desk inserts to keep my makeup more organized. I highly recommend this if you have none already built in. As you can see, I don’t separate by product because I don’t have that much makeup. I will put all my tube products and pencils into one place, my palettes, and my powders in another.

At the end, of it all the draws look like this (this is only a couple):


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Stage 3: Anger

It is about this time that I feel rundown from literally doing some drawers because its Saturday and well…boring. I haven’t hit that mid-high of where you get really in the zone and just finish the whole thing and time slips by quickly. I was still in that head-space of it is a beautiful day and here I am inside cleaning.

IMG_3826 (1)

4:00 pm

Some progress is coming along. I cleaned up the garbage and most of things that I needed to throw away. A lot of makeup packaging and plastic inserts from palettes over the last few weeks or so.

Stage 4: Bargaining

At this point, I started to tell myself that a break was necessary. I was watching YouTube videos on my TV and I thought that maybe I should sit on the bed and catch up on some videos I’ve missed. I totally can finish this later…

So, I watched this:

Capture 17.PNG

Video found here

And this was my current progress:

IMG_3827 (1)

Getting there!

Stage 5: Depression

It kept starring back at me…taunting me…I’m so close! But ugh! WHAT ABOUT THE YOUTUBE VIDEOS?!

I know I’ll feel way better when my room is clean. It’ll be a huge weight off my shoulders. I knew that. But knowing and actually doing that thing are two completely different things.

I kept putting it off for a while and then I finally got up and finished the job. I trekked up hill and overcame this ugly, ugly monster.

Image result for cleaning gif


Image result for cleaning gif

Also me (dancing to tunes)

IMG_3829 (1)

Gross, that was underneath of all that stuff

Stage 6: Acceptance


Related image

After what felt like years (actually only a few hours) IT. WAS. DONE.

The sun was setting on this gorgeous sunny June day and I was feeling so much better and poofed. Joking…sorta.

IMG_3830 (1)


It’s so good, that I took another pic of it with my ring light!

IMG_3831 (1)

~so fancy~

Boy, oh, boy have we come far. This has been a real struggle (lol first world problems) I’m so glad I did this, slowly (took 5 hours give or take and one of them was for dinner), and now I can enjoy my desk to the fullest extent. Until it gets messy again…which will most likely happen.

Now, this will be me tonight:

Image result for sleeping gif

OK, probably more like this if I’m being honest:

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Q: What’s one thing you need to do that you keep procrastinating on?

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Always a wedding guest…

The Gospel According To: The Little Girl Who Used to Read “The Knot”


Hey, look! Pigs in a blanket!

Well, its that time of year again…Wedding Season.

I have been obsessed with weddings every since I was a little girl, as most girls are. If I were good, my mom would buy me “The Knot” magazine. This was such a big deal because that magazine was expensive and big. She knew I mostly (fully) only loved it so I could look at the pictures. I had fantasies in my head of my own wedding day; big poofy dress, sparkly heels, tiara, and a long veil to match it all off.

Something like this…

Now, my tastes have changed. Who knows, they will probably change again by the time I’m actually planning my wedding in the future.

In today’s post, I want to share with you some great fresh looks for summer 18′ wedding season.

I’ll be showing some of my favorite tutorials of effortless wedding makeup as well. Whether it’s your second cousin twice removed wedding or your roommate from college that you haven’t spoken to in 3 years or your the bridesmaid for your sister’s extravaganza, there is something for every in today’s blog!

Going To the Chapel & I Hope Cocktail Hour Is Good!!!

Look #1: Comfortable-Elegant Summer Wedding
wedding 1

ShoesDress (similar) – PurseRings (similar) – Necklace (similar)

I love this look for summer because its so simple but so elegant. I put a pair pretty strappy sandal heels with it, you can find these pretty much anywhere. The ones I posted are designer but you can find similar ones at Forever 21, ASOS, Pretty Little Thing, and basically any online boutique.

The dress is short enough where you don’y feel constricted or get too hot, but the long sleeve class it up a notch. The dress is made of material that lets your skin breath. I added some simple jewelry just to add some shine and glam but in comfortable way that won’t get in the way or irritating after awhile.

Since this dress is long sleeved you can do your hair either up or down. A pretty braid up-do would look amazing with this look, but also beachy curls would add such summery flair to this outfit.

PicMonkey Collage hair.png

Achieve these beachy curls with this tutorial – Dutch braid up-do tutorial found here

As for what makeup look to do, I mentioned this in my recent post about trends for summer 2018 (found here), Monochromatic Makeup. This would be an ample opportunity to apply this makeup technique here.


This will help your shadow on allll night long!

“Try matching your blush to your lipstick. The eyes should match as well, and try keep the eye look simple and understated. You want to able to see your real skin and the more bronze your skin is the more healthy you look. This great for “no-makeup” makeup looks.” -From my post

If you want to match to an outfit like the one above, try using more rosy and blush shades on the lips, eyelids, and cheeks.


This is a great example

I love a glow as well because you shine in photos and look like you run a mile every morning and only need a green smoothie to feel full…(its OK, go have a bagel, love).

Look #2: Black Tie Gown
wedding 2

ClutchDressHeels (similar) – Lipstick (Black Diamond)

This is the look for when you want to look like you dressed to the nines! The strappy heels match the strappy gown. While this gown is longer, its so open up top that you won’t feel too hot (I mean you’ll feel smoking hot, but in the good way) and you can show off your shoulders, always a smart move for summer weddings.

A simple black clutch to put it all together makes this outfit a stunner. I would recommend an up-do with this look. Top knots are so in this season and are a stylish way to keep your hair out of your face and up. Something like this:


You can learn how to achieve this up-do here

With this formal look, I would go with something simple on the lids, espically if you use the black-cherry color of lipstick that is pictured above. A brown or taupe matte shadow would look fantastic as well. Also, a bronze halo would go too!


You can go with this vampy-look or pair it with a nude lip look if that is more your speed


Look #3: LBD for the Win!

Strappy Stretch Midi Dress by Alexander Wang

Or just go with the classic but always a fan favorite…The Little Black Dress.

I would pair a dress like this with either stappy heels or black pointy stilettos (like these). Depending on your height, you would want to go with taller heels if your are shorter because it is a t-length dress, so anything to make your legs longer would be appropriate.

As for jewelry, I love mixing masculine and feminine pieces. Wearing this little number  with a big faced golden watch really plays up on Lady Boss aspect of it all. The soft dress with the hardness of the watch matches so well together.


I love this watch from MICHAEL KORS

For makeup, I would either do the makeup look from outfit #1 or you can be a little more advantageous. Because the dress is so simple and black matches everything you can try a makeup look with a pop of color. This also depends on what shoes you wear as well.

If you are in all black from head to toe and take my tip of a gold watch, magenta and purple eye looks would be a great addition! This is because purple and gold match so beautifully together. A soft magenta with a warm red-ish tone warms up this look to say the least.

maxresdefault (8).jpg

This look was done by easyNeon

or if you want full neutral glam…

The tutorial posted above, is honestly one of my favorite looks ever.

This is not only great for wedding guests, but I think this would just be just to die for the Bride To Be. Its simple but airbrushed and this look is more about accentuating your beautiful features rather than changing how your face already looks.

Related image


Now, you’re ready to dance the night away and take some pics in the photos booth that you probably won’t remember in the morning (or at least you’ll want to).

As long as your are comfortable in your outfit, not wearing white, and bringing some flats you’re well on your way to having a blast, kiddo.

And if all else fails…at least there is an open bar 😉

Related image

Q: When was the last time you went to a wedding & how was it?

Hugs & Lipstick Marks,

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Let’s have a Spa Day! {Because you need it, queen}

The Gospel According to: A Girl Who Needs to Treat Herself


You’ve had a stressful few weeks lately and are beginning to feel the effects of getting little to no sleep in your daily life. Like that one time you fell asleep on a stranger’s shoulder on the subway.

Between the big presentation you have coming up, juggling a social/romantic life, keeping in touch with friends and family (don’t forget to call mom and let her know you’re alright), plus trying to be healthy for your BFF’s bachelorette party in Miami…yeah…you live a pretty hectic life.

That’s OK! We all do and we all forget to give ourselves a little TLC every once in awhile. In this post, I’m going to show you some small and easy ways to unwind after a loooooonnngggg day.

Everyone needs to relax and have some self-care every now and then. Remember, a healthy mind is the key to feeling like the world isn’t going to fall apart and also helps you from feeling like you aren’t one “I’m going to need you to work late tonight”  away from having a crying-fit meltdown in the bathroom stall (I’ve been there).

So, pour yourself a glass of wine, light some candles, and turn up the tunes because you, my dear, are in desperate need of it.


At Home Spa Ritual

The first thing you’re going to want to do is think of things you’d like to accomplish when you’re relaxing. For me, I make a small mental list of what I know I want to do. My list usually goes a little something like this:

#1. Cleanse
#2. Steam
#3. Exfoliate
#4. Mask
#5. Moisturize

So for the purposes of this blog post, that is the order I’ll be going in. Please, feel free to add or subtract anything to the list!

First Step:

Let’s start with the first step, cleansing the skin. You are going to want to do this step first to get rid of any oil, dirt, or makeup that has collected on your face throughout the day. You want to cleanse your skin first because this creates a nice clean canvas for you to apply your masks and lotions on.

If you want to know my current routine for taking off my makeup, then this post will help you out in a big way.

Recently, I’ve been loving this facial cleanser from Yes To and its their Cucumbers Gentle Milk Cleanser.


This is great for sensitive skin

This cleaner gives your skin a boost of energy that uplifts the skin. It’s gentle enough for sensitive skin but works powerfully enough to get rid of dirt and grim from throughout the day.

This is “…with a moisturizing blend of soy proteins that won’t strip your skin.” This face wash has a cooling sensation from the cucumber and green-tea extracts that are good for you as well.

Second Step:

An easy way to get all the benefits of a steam facial, prominently featured at bougee spa and facialist places, without the hefty price tag is to just go to your cabinet.

Yes…your cabinet.

Try a DIY steam facial using a boiling pot of water. Warning: Be smart and be safe. Never put your face up too close to the water as to let it burn your skin! That’s dangerous and you can really hurt yourself.


Make sure that your face is properly washed and free of any products. When the water is boiled, you can either stand over the boiling pot or transfer it to another bowl if you want to sit down while doing this.

Tip: Take a small towel and drape it over your head to trap the steam in and penetrate your skin.

You can steam your face anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes. The goal here is to open up you pores and expel the dirt that has built up on your face, that can cause breakouts and blackheads.

Another Tip: Add some of your fave essential oil to the water to help enjoy your relaxation even more and give you skin the benefits as well. Eucalyptus and lavender oils are great for this.

When finished, your pores will be fully open and this will help penetrate any skincare products you apply after deeper into the skin.

Just don’t forget to moisturize that skin, baby. Steaming the face can dry out the skin, so putting on a rich face moisturizer at the end of your skincare treatment helps seal in hydration to the face.

Third Step:

Scrubba-dub-dub that face!

Exfoliating the face is essential and for any at-home-spa-day, I do this. This is the step that I will save for days like this when I’m really trying to relax and clean my skin. This is also for when I have time and I’m in no rush or anything either.

You want to exfoliate your skin at least 1-2 times a week at most. Any more than that, you may cause irritation to the skin and over-dry it. I will usually exfoliate once a week and if I wear heavy makeup more than once, twice is fine.

I love these exfoliaters from Lush Cosmetics:


All three of these are great at getting rid of dead skin cells and benefits the skin depending on what your skin concerns are.

The Mask of Magnamintyis is a clay-based mask that leaves your skin feeling freah and tingly. This mask has “bentone gel” and “kaolin clay” and no synthetic preservatives! The thing that exfoliates your skin are grinds from “aduki beans” and “primrose seeds” that even out your complexion, all with the cooling sensation from the peppermint extract that is also in the mask as well.  Best for drier skin, looking for hydration.

Angels on Bare Skin is a exfoliater that begins dry and all you need to do is just add water to activate it and turn it into a paste. This is another clay-based mask, with ground up almonds, lavender, rose, and chamomile extracts. Leaves the skin feeling soft and silky smooth, so gentle it is great for any skin-type.

I love, love, love the Cup O’ Coffee exfoliater! I received this for my 18th birthday and repurchased it ever since. This for people who like deep-down stronger-type scrubs that really get the skin squeaky clean. Because of the coffee grinds, this mask invigorates and wakes up the skin. Leaves your skin smooth, cleansed, and glowy as hell!


Easy and quick DIY version of a face scrub, found the recipe here

Fourth Step:

You can both DIY or just buy a mask of your choice. Again, this is a step that needs to be flexible with your skin type and concerns. For me, I have normal-combo skin and I like my masks to hep with blemishes and hydration.

There are a million and one DIY Face Masks, if you search “easy diy face mask” on Pintrest you will get a lot of recipes you can follow. Most being less than 5 ingredients.

I love this one from Freebie Finding Mom which is made with half an avocado, some ripe banana, and 1 tbsp of olive oil. That’s it.


Blog found here

I’ll apply this to my face and lay down while listening to either some music or a podcast. After 20-30 minutes or so I’ll wash it off with a warm wash cloth. It leaves my skin feeling moisturized and soothed.

“Avocados are rich in antioxidants which can help prevent fine lines and wrinkles…it possess a high amount of “oleic acid” which is good for reducing facial redness and irritation…The vitamin A content in bananas helps to restore lost moisture and repair damaged, dull, and dry skin.” –Freebie Finding Mom

A mask you could buy that works best for acne-prone skin is from Freeman (this brand’s masks are the best ones that don’t break the bank but also work just as good as any other name-brand masks).

IMG_3805 (1)

Mask can be found at most drug stores! Find it online here

You can also do masks for your hair! My favorite is from Ouai, its the Treatment Masque, which repairs damaged hair, increases resistance to future damage, mends split ends, and leave strands incredibly soft and smooth after just one treatment.

Tip: Work this treatment through strands before a sweat session at the gym, let the heat help it penetrate your hair, and rinse.

Want to DIY it? But don’t know where to start? This guide can help you pick which recipe works best for your hair type:


Created by Hello Glow

Fifth Step:

Moisturizer is the last part of my Spa Routine. This seals in all that skin-food you just applied to your face and keeps you skin hydrated and supple.

I’m currently loving this moisturizer from Simple. This leaves the skin feeling replenished and nourished all day long! It is a good one for keeping your face hydrated with added vitamins and no fragrance. Just a good clean face lotion. No frills.

IMG_3807 (1)

This rich moisturizer can be found here

I love making DIY Body Butters to put on your skin after a nice hot shower or bath. Again, there are a ton of recipes on Pintrest and the internet in general.

Just take about a cup of organic unrefined coconut oil and equal parts of organic cocoa butter. Heat it all up together on medium heat until fully melted and refrigerate until fully solid.

Then, add a few drops of your fave essential oil  (I love Rose or Grapefruit). Transfer mixture to a strand mixer and mix on high until fluffy, this should take about 10 minutes or so. You can store it in a mason jar (makes a great gift too).


Here’s what mine looks like

You should feel soft and smell like A SNACK by the end of this. Nothing is better than smelling and feeling baby-butt soft!

Now, you can easily take some time out of your routine to take care of yourself.

You only have one body, so, care for it as so and it will come back to you in feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Doing an at-home-spa-day is just a small way you love yourself.

And there is so much to love…


Q: What helps you de-stress?

Hugs & Lipstick Marks,

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Holy. Grail.

The Gospel According to: A Makeup Junkie

I love makeup.


That’s not a surprise to you. But still I feel like it should be said…

Now, my makeup collection has grown to new heights that I never really thought it could go before. I’m so grateful that I’m able to test and use new products, so that I can share with everyone what some of my faves are.

So here are my top 5 products that I really can’t imagine my life without.

My Top 5 “Holy-Grail-Can’t-Live-Without-Would-Save-From-A-Burning Building” Beauty Products

#1. Multiuse Skincare Bio Oil:

I have grown to absolutely adore this beauty product. Now, I know this isn’t necessarily a makeup product, but I like to think of this as a “prep-step”. If you have plans to make sure you get a smooth makeup application, that looks like “your skin but better“, then you must take care of said skin well. This includes making sure your face is well moisturized and cleansed.


If you’re reading this the day it is posted, it is on sale right now at Ulta.

Bio Oil both hydrates and nourishes the skin to leave you feeling baby-butt soft. This works best for scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, dry skin, aging skin etc. you name it. It absorbs fast into the skin to avoid feeling any oily residue.

Apply this in the morning and evening for best results. I like to take a cotton pad with oil on it and dab it all over my face before bed. This product has helped tremendously with my uneven skin tone and acne scars that I have had over the years.


Seriously, just look at these before and afters!

The other great part about Bio Oil is that it can be used on the whole body. I have stretch marks on my thighs and after adding a little oil before bed every night for the last month I see a huge difference in that skin.

 Tip: Pssst, this can also be used as an after-sun treatment. Also, squeeze a few drops into your hot bath to nourish your whole body and leave it silky smooth.

It is also highly recommended for women who are pregnant and are in their second trimester. At this stage of pregnancy, women can see stretch marks forming, this oil is gentle enough to use and reduce the appearance of them.

#2. M·A·C Prep + Prime Fix+:

Another prep-step, and also to use for your whole face/makeup routine.

This is a cult favorite and rightfully so. M·A·C Prep + Prime Fix+ is a lot of people’s holy grail in facial sprays because it hydrates your face while also helps melt your makeup into your skin.


Full size version

If you are applying face powder all over, you can feel a bit cakey/crusty towards the end of your glam look. This mist helps replenish and refresh the skin, to help for better, smoother makeup application.

It can also be used as a setting spray for lighter makeup days. In fact, this was my first setting spray I ever had. I couldn’t commit to the bigger bottle, so I kept purchasing the travel sized one. Finally, I was like, “Why am I purchasing the travel sized one, when it would cost less to just buy the big bottle.” I ended spending more on travel sized ones than it would be for one normal sized bottle. So, my tip to you is if you like it the first time, buy the big bottle, it’ll save you money and hassle in the end.


Travel size version

M·A·C Fix+ is “packed with vitamins and minerals, infused with a blend of green tea, chamomile and cucumber to gently moisturize, soothe and enhance your complexion.” Spray it on your brush to help intensify your eye shadow and pigments, this is also another amazing use of this product.

#3. Ofra Cosmetics’ Highlighter in “Rodeo Drive”:

The. Single. Best. Highlighter. Ever.

Seriously, this highlighter can save even the most struggling makeup looks. It’s great for those times that you aren’t really feeling your eye look, then you just add this highlighter and suddenly the world is much brighter…because you are actually glowing to the high heavens.


Just look at that glow!

This product was named after the creator of Ofra Cosmetics, Ofra, worked at a salon on Rodeo Drive when she moved there from her home in South Africa.

This sun-kissed shade is beautiful on every skin tone. I will say that if you are paler than pale, then it might be too gold for you. Although, I’ve seen fair skinned people rock it. If you feel like it looks to golden, then the shade “Pillow Talk” or “Glazed Donut” might be more your speed.


Side by side swatches

“Add to the high points of your face and any specific area the light may hit such as your brow bone, Cupid’s bow, inner eye corners, chin and even across your lips.”


It also smells amazing. I can’t get enough of it. It sort of smells like good skin care, if that makes any sense. It is like spa-feeling, light floral scent. If you are sensitive to smells, then take a whiff of it in the store to make sure you like it. I, personally, love it and it doesn’t linger for too long either.

#4. Fenty’s Stunna Lip Paint in “Uncensored”:

You can see the color payoff just by looking at this pic

When I say, “You will never go back to regular red lipstick after tying this.” I mean it!

This is a liquid lip paint that feels like nothing on your lips. This lip paint will not leave your lips feeling crusty or dried out. It has a soft matte finish and was specially formulated by Fenty Beauty to look stunning on E V E R Y skin tone.


A pic of me wearing Fenty’s Lip Paint

It is low-maintenance wear, meaning you don’t have to worry about it getting on your glass or even rubbing off after you’ve eaten a full meal. I wore this on Christmas Eve this year and I didn’t need to touch it up once. It’s comfortable to wear for long periods of time as well, I really don’t even feel it on for the most part. Even my uncle, who can give two craps about my makeup, was like, “Have you worn that all day?? Without putting more on?”. So, yeah, it’s that good.

All you need is one, yes, ONE dip into the tube and you can fill in your whole lip. I don’t even use a lip liner because the applicator is so precise. This lip paint won’t feather and stands the tests of time, even for when you’re smooching that special someone!

In other words, it behaves so you don’t have to!

This is a game changer and I will never go back to regular red lipstick or a liquid lip ever again.

“The perfect red is hard to get right, and it’s really hard to find your red that works on your skin tone.”—Rihanna, Founder of Fenty Beauty

#5. Ardell Lashes in “#113 Wispies”:

God, do I love these lashes. I really, really do.

Some of the most comfortable lashes I own. I used to be like everyone else and be afraid of lashes. I struggled so many times to put them on, that I gave up. My poor lashes (which are already short) would just stay lash-less forever. Sad, I know…

But then I was introduced to the right way at putting lashes on and seriously the rest is history. Now, I prefer lashes to none at all. Never thought I’d say that… Thank you to sister James Charles for teaching me! My life will never be the same.

Capture 10.PNG

Beauty Guru, James Charles, using the “under” technique to apply his falseies. Skip to 26:00 in this video for a step by step tutorial

These from Ardell are great for night and day. They look natural but are still just dramatic enough to give you that glam look. I can wear these babies all night long and not even feel them. Also, in case you were curious, I use House of Lases Lash Glue. It’s heavy-duty, for nights you’ll be wearing lashes for a long time.

Sabrina Selfie #1

A pic of me wearing the lashes


These are just some of the products I cannot live without. I had to narrow it down to these 5 which was awfully hard…but I did it! These are the Holy Grail of all Holy Grails for me.

Q: Your number one beauty product that you care for like a child?

Hugs & Lipstick Marks,

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{Quickie Post} From Work Day to Werk Night

The Gospel According to: The Girls Working 9 to 5!

Today’s post is going to get straight to the good stuff.

This is great for the working beauty, who are in desperate need of some tips to get your makeup look from office appropriate to night out with the squad.

Even when it’s a quarter to 5 and you’re going to happy hour at 6, these looks are surefire ways of getting you to, “Yeah, I wear makeup like this to work…I can have it all.”

Don’t worry, baby…I gotchu!


2 easy ways to turn any day look 2 night.

Look #1: Neutral Day to Glam Night Eye (10-15 mins)

This is the look that takes the most amount of time, but still not as long as a full glam one would. This will show what to use to achieve a great blown out glam eye without taking years to blend or risk you looking like a raccoon. We are going for a look that is like this:

maxresdefault (3) edit.jpg

A great tutorial on this exact look from Katy at Lustrelux found here

What you’ll need:

  • Matte Black Liquid Liner
  • Mascara
  • Lashes (optional)
  • Lip-liner, Lipstick, and Gloss
  • Highlight/Contour/Blush Kit
  • Eye Shadow Palette
  • Blending Brush
  • Pencil Brush
  • Face Powder Brush & Highlight Brush

So, to start the makeup you should already have on:

  • Your fav foundation, face powder, and blush. My current favorite pictured blow:
Day Look

Step 1: Prime your eyes with your concealer and set it with a nude color shadow.

Step 2: Then, take a pinky-toned shadow (this palette is great to stick in your purse for work) and blend in windshield whipper motions on your crease and outer-v.


This is the one I use from Bobbi Brown. Sadly, its discontinued. I found a similar one here.

Step 3: Taking a slightly deeper shade like this one from Anastasia in the color “Birkin” or the lightest shade from the Covergirl palette mentioned earlier and work that mainly on the outer-v of your eye to darken it.

Step 4: Next, pack on a light tan shade and then a light shimmer color like this one in the shade “Legend” on the lid.

Step 5: Just take your fav black liquid liner (this is the one I use) and draw a thin line on your lid to make your eyes look more awake, but don’t wing it out! Apply your fav mascara and depending on what you feel conformable with, to add a little extra pop, you can add some wispy falsies.


My lashes are from Bold Face Makeup

You can add a nude lip too if you like to wear lipstick.

Night Look

Now we are going to pump up that day time look to night. So, if you’re starting from scratch, then start from the daytime look and then proceed with this nighttime one below.

Step 1: Take a burnt orange shade on your pencil brush and apply it to the lower lash line. You want to smoke this out a little to get a more sultry look, go from inner to outer corner of the lash line.

Step 2: With a deep brown red shade (like this one, in “Red Earth”) on your pencil brush smoke it out over the burnt orange shade on your lower lash line to deepen it. You can also go ahead and take your blending brush with this same shade to your crease to balance it out with your lower lash line.

Step 3: Then, take a dark dirt brown shade on the same pencil brush you just used and smoke that out only on your outer corner of your lower lash line, like this:

Capture 9.PNG

If you have smaller eyes, then use a smaller pencil brush

Step 4: Draw on some black pencil liner into the waterline, this brings the “night look” to an all time high!

Tip: If you know your eye makeup smears or runs easily then set the back liner with a black shadow and you can even smoke it out a little bit if you want a darker look.

Step 5: Take that same shimmer shade you used in the day look and apply it to the inner corner with your pencil brush (MAKE SURE THERE IS NO BLACK ON IT). You can use something like a color switch pan, so you can keep using the same brush without mixing your shadows.

If you like, add another coat of mascara to your lower lash line if it seems like some has flaked off through the day.

Step 6: Take a highlight/bronzer/blush kit (this is a great one from Tarte) and contour your cheek bones. Next, freshen up you blush, this usually fades throughout a work day. Finally, take your highlight brush and highlight the top of your cheeks to the gods!

Set it all with some setting spray and BANG! From angelic to vixen just like that…


Look #2: Less than 8 Products (literally 5 minutes)

This last one is for my babes who really, really, reeeeeaaalllyy don’t got time. This is the easiest and obviously the least noticeable makeup. It just gives your face a good refresh before going out. It’s the epitome of the “no-makeup” makeup look.

Step 1: Take a full coverage foundation like Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick onto your whole face. Full coverage is better for this look because it covers up skin discoloration, blemishes, and/or any redness in the skin. Blend that in with either a foundation brush or a damp beauty sponge.

Hourglass Vanish Foundation Stick Shade Guide 3.jpg

Hourglass Foundation Shade Guide

Step 2: Take a full coverage concealer to your under eyes. You can pat this on with your finger to blend it out or whatever you used to blend out your foundation.

Then, set your face with translucent setting powder using your face powder brush.

Step 3: Next, take that same brush from the step before and bronze up your face. If you like a bronzer with a shimmer to it then you can go with Milani’s Baked Bronzer, which is sold at most drug stores or if you like a more matte one the Hoola Matte Bronzer from Benefit works beautifully (get the mini one so it fits easily into your purse or travel bag).

Step 4: Just simply use a brow tint gel. My favorite one is Benefit’s Gimme Brow, if you like something a little more forgiving then the Boy Brow from Glossier is safe bet.

Step 5: Apply your trusty mascara and your fav lippie, my current obession is this one:


Note Cosmetics Hydra Color Lip Gloss in the color “Truffle Nude” & MAC Lipstick in the color “Velvet Teddy”

And voilà! Your ready for a night out on the town…or you get too tired and you’re in bed by 10 (no shame in that).


Q: What’s your plans after work this week?

Hugs and Lipstick Marks,

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