Bon Voyage!

The Gospel According to: Drinking a Mai Tai on the beach

It’s almost officially summer. In fact, as of the day this blog is posted there are 21 days until the Summer Solstice. With that being said, vacation time is now approaching. Maybe you’re even on vacation as we speak OR your reading this blog right now, which is distracting you from packing. Been there.

I’m going to start this post by saying that I, Sabrina Nicole, am a horrible packer. Always have been. I wasn’t faced with the realities of packing poorly until I was 18. I was on school trip with my high school choir and it was my first trip with out my mom. Well, the first plane-trip I would take without my mom to Disney World. The last day of the trip rolls around and I have to now not only pack all of the stuff I took out but also the souvenirs I bought as well. I managed to get by, just barely.


Accurate portrayal of me trying to re-pack my clothes.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten slightly better at the whole packing thing. Slightly… But what definitely got better at packing was my makeup/toiletries bag and my carry-on bag. I’m also now able to fit my makeup in my carry-on which is great. You want to do this if possible because this way you can keep an eye on your makeup and no one will handle it with love & care like you will.

So sit back, blast some tunes (preferably The Go Go’s “Vacation”) and let’s pack a bag for that trip!


Packing Your Bag Like a Boss

One thing you should ways do before even thinking about packing is make a list. If you are anything like me, then this step does always come to mind before packing but actually producing said list never comes to fruition. So, this is how to actually make and keep that list.


Print this bad baby and you’ll thank me later. Here is a link to printable page.

Lists like these are a life saver! I would print two copies of this, one for pre-planning and one for right before you close your suitcase. This list helps you keep track of what you do and what you don’t have, while also reminding you of any last-minute items you need to get as well.

Let’s start with picking the right bag for you. I personally love backpacks. Backpacks can be optimized to have a lot of space to pack a lot of things inside and they keep your hands/forearms free. No forearm chub rub for us! This is the one pictured below.

If you want to use your carry-on as your only luggage for shorter getaways, then you want one that is reliable but not too expensive. I also think getting one with a built-in charger is worth the investment too. Unfortunately, I do not own one, but a friend of mine does and she says it is a god send. Also, the rolling wheels go in all directions which helps with it not getting tangled.

Another great option for weekend getaways are weekender bags.


Similar one found here.

I love this one from Target! I use it a lot for overnight stays and shorter trips that don’t require that many items to be packed. For a trip that is more than a week consider a checked luggage with a carry-on. For trips less than 5 days try a carry-on with a backpack.

Ok, now that you have your bag picked out, let’s get to packing, shall we?


The items I highly recommend packing away first are the things you won’t need until you’re on the plane/arrived at your destination. First, I’ll pack my toiletries bag. This bag includes:

  1. Travel sized toothbrush and paste
  2. Facial wipes
  3. Ibuprofen (or any other medications that you won’t need to take before your trip)
  4. Pads and/or tampons
  5. Travel sized shampoo and conditioner
  6. Deodorant
  7. Hand Cream
  8. Band-Aids/Neosporin
  9. Q-tips
  10. And I pack these Undereye Patches from Tarte for the plane.

Tip: If you have a specific shampoo or conditioner you can’t live without, just get these travel sized squeeze tubes. These can also be used for other liquid products like moisturizer and facial washes.

Also, for both your toiletries and makeup bags, you will need to make sure they are in a clear bag so that TSA can see through if you are not keeping them in a checked bag.  This one from Ulta is a great one. You are permitted to bring disposable razors and tweezers on the plane as well. I like this disposable razor because it’s small.

Next, I like to pack an extra pair of socks because my feet can tend to get cold on the plane, and for these I usually like the thick fluffy pair.


These come in a 6-pack from Amazon

In one of the front pockets, of the backpack, I pack small items that I may need at the airport like sanitizer, wet wipes, and gum. If I have more room in that pocket or if there is another pocket, then, I like to add my wall charger and portable charger. I will also go ahead and add a cheap pair of plug-in earbuds, because most airplane TVs require that type for their earphone jack.


Me listening to my jams on the trip.

In the main compartment of the backpack, I’ll first add my toiletries (make sure there are no glass products that can easily break). Then, near the top I add my noise cancelling earphones, travel wallet with the necessary travel documents, my iPad, and phone. I will usually pack a smaller purse in my checked luggage or carry-on.


My passport holder from DVF, its discountinued though 😦

Also, I will add towards the top of the bag some Dream Water, which is a “Fast-Acting Liquid supplement form for better nutrient absorption, Non-Habit Forming, Natural alternative to prescription or over-the-counter pills”. It is a more natural way to help fall asleep, but I understand if you need something stronger like Benadryl.

In the carry-on, I like to add my clothes, shoes, and makeup.

I love packing cubes like these from Amazon. They make packing like a bazillion times easier. They keep you organized and can also work as bags to keep dirty clothes away from clean ones. I will usually use the small one for undergarments, a medium one for tops, a larger one for dresses and bottoms like jeans and shorts.

If you wanted something else in the packing cube, like a jumpsuit or nice jacket, I feel like leaving denim out is a good bet because they are pretty durable and shouldn’t be damaged during a flight/trip. I also will keep my shoes in a cloth bag. Save the ones you get with shoes and handbags. They usually look something like this:


If they are big enough, you can stick another pair of shoes in it.

Wear your comfy pair (like comfortable sneakers or sandals) on the plane. I love these from Steve Madden. And pack your heels or fancier shoes away.



Lastly, we are packing the makeup. In other words, “The Goods”, “The Essentials”, or
“The Precious Valuables”. Linked below are the products I use and love.

In my bag I will pack:

  1. Moisturizer
  2. Primer
  3. Foundation  (I use shade 190)
  4. Concealer
  5. Face Powder to set the face
  6. Highlighter
  7. Liner (both liquid and gel pencil)
  8. Lashes and lash glue
  9. Mascara
  10. Brow Product
  11. Lip Product (Lipstick, lip liner, and chapstick)
  12. Mac Fix+ and Travel Sized Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray.
  13. SPF
  14. Makeup Remover Wipes (these are a little more expensive but worth it, because they don’t over dry your skin or cause irritation. If you want to know my skincare routine, you can find it here)
  15. Face Wash
  16. Makeup Brushes and Sponges (I keep those in this) and never put a wet sponge in a closed bag, that can cause it to smell.

For brushes, I try to keep it simple. A large face brush for face powder, a beauty sponge for wet products, a contour brush, a shadow blending brush, a medium brush for blush and bronzer, and smaller blending brush for detail work. A great alternative is this set from BH Cosmetics, which includes a travel pouch for them!


I didn’t add these next items to list because I want to elaborate on them. For palettes, I suggest finding a blush and bronzer duo, this way its all-in-one and it saves space in you bag. I like this one.

For eye shadow, either a basic palette that is small but you can use for several looks. Or you can get pan shadows like these from Anastasia Beverly Hill or Makeup Geek and put them into a small Z-pallet like this one. This is for if you want to customize and don’t have a palette that has all the shades you want.

ORRRRRR You can just get this palette from Smashbox that is literally my holy grail and you heard me mention in a previous post. It has a great mirror in too. Highly recommend!

One last thing, in one of the travel squeeze tubes that I mentioned earlier, I will add this mask from Formula 10.6.0


Also, great for after getting waxed

This is cooling mask that can be used for the face after you get sunburned and really helps with the swelling and burn. If you keep it in the fridge (usually a mini fridge) it will be even more cooling and relieving.

I just want to stress any of the liquids mentioned in this post must be travel sized if you are going on a plane. That means they must be 3.4 ounces or less. Also, anything travel sized in general helps tremendously with saving space. Here is a great article explaining what you can and cannot take.


With all that being said you can get away with just a backpack and carry-on. If you are really thrifty you could fit everything in just one bag, and if so then please be my guest. Stranger things have happened.

Safe travels everyone and be smart.

Now, go out there and order a fruity tropical drink, little paper umbrella and all, and have some fun in the sun!

Q: Where is the best place you’ve traveled to?

Hugs and Lipstick Marks,

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Skin care…let’s talk about it

The Gospel According to: The Girl Who Can’t Stop Touching Her Face

To put it best, I’ve had a long journey with my skin and how I cared for it over the years. I know that my skin care routine used to be…well…none. Meaning, I had none. When I first started to wear makeup, you’d be lucky if I took a Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipe to my face. Even then, that is really all I used to do. I had quite a few facial washes, believe me, it just wasn’t really a priority of mine to utilize them. Plus, they were your classic Clean and Clear and left over Proactive given to me by my cousin, Taylor.

I want to preface this with saying I’m lucky. I, for most of life, have had pretty good skin. I would of course get the monthly hormonal breakout due to PMS and whatnot. Also, I would get blemishes from my diet and the unhealthy food I used to eat. And I would breakout from just not washing my face after a long day. I can’t believe I used to go to the gym and sweat my butt off, only to come home and not wash my face. Now, the thought of that makes my cringe and gives me goosebumps. What was I thinking?! Seriously.

Hi, my name is Sabrina and I’m a face picker. When I’m stressed or have a lot going on, I will breakout and then pick at the blemishes and when they scab over, I pick at them some more. This is sooOOOoOoo bad for your skin. Not to mention you carry a ton of germs on your hands and all you’re doing is giving those germs a one-way ticket to your skin, then, causing more breakouts.

So today, I’m going to be sharing my current skin care routine. WARNING: This is what works for me and you’ll read later on what skin type I have and everything dealing with that.

Now, this might not work for you, but I think this could shine a light on some products that you were either curious or maybe never even heard of before. I would also like to add this routine changes often, so depending on when you read this, it could be different. I’m always on the hunt for new skincare.

My skin type is combo to normal. I used to more oily but that was because of my diet and that I wasn’t really washing my face at all. This leaves me in a pretty good place to be somewhere in the middle when it comes to this routine and products that most people can use.

My Current Skincare Routine as of May 2018

First Step: Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm

I love this makeup remover for a whole bunch of reasons.

#1. Its gentle enough so that it doesn’t aggravate or irritate the skin, but its tough enough that it washes all the makeup away without causing you to rub your face and eyes too rough for too long. This balm melts the makeup away and leaves your skin feeling clean and replenished.

#2. No harsh smell, in case you are one who is sensitive to things like that.

#3. Doesn’t over dry your face. When you use a makeup remover, a lot of the times it can have alcohol in it and alcohol causes your skin to dry out. When the skin gets too dry, your body produces more oils to compensate and that leads to blemishes, clogged pores, and more acne prone skin in general. It doesn’t have parabens either, which is a great plus too.


This also lasts for a long time. I’ve had mine since January and I’ve barely made a dent in it.

I just take a quarter size amount to the tips of my fingers, rub them together to warm up the balm, then in light circular motions I rub the remover on my whole face. I usually will start with the cheeks, then forehead, and then lastly work on the eyes. Be warned! You will look a little crazy for a moment, kind of like a racoon. Don’t fret, just take a wash cloth soaked in warm water and wipe away the makeup residue.

Second Step: The Body Shop’s Tea Tree 3-in-1 Wash Scrub Mask

Even though the makeup remover does a great job of getting rid of makeup, I still need to wash my face with a facial cleanser.

One of the biggest mistakes I see with skin care is when people will remove their makeup, and think because they did that, that they don’t need to cleanse their skin with a proper face wash. I highly recommend to always wash your skin still. The makeup remover does just that, removes makeup. It’s still a great idea to go in with a face wash and get rid of dirt and grim that has built up in your pores and really get your skin clean.


This wash, gets rid of dead skin while also cleaning your face

The wash I use above is my fave after a full day of wearing makeup. It’s a three-in-one scrub. It can be used as a mask or a just a face wash. To use as a mask, apply a quarter size amount the face and neck and let dry for 10-15 minutes. Or you can just apply to the face, scrub for a while, then, remove with warm water. I personally like to do the mask treatment before getting into the shower because it’s easier to remove that way.

When you’re using a scrub, you want to utilize those rough particles and really rub it into your face. Not so hard that it is too painful or anything, just rough enough to get rid of dirt and dead skin cells. So, don’t just add the face wash and wash it away seconds later. You want to be washing in the product for at least 20-30 seconds before washing away with warm water. If not, then you are really just wasting your time. The product can’t do its job unless you work it into your skin and give it time to work.

Tip: Never use scolding hot water on your face!!! I use luke to medium warm water. If the water is too hot it can

a) irritate you skin, causing it to get red and puffy


b) can dry out your skin and, as mentioned earlier, we don’t want that. The skin on your face is sensitive and too-hot water can burn that skin and make your face actually throb. Yeah, ouch…

If I’m just washing my skin and want something a little gentler than a scrub, I like to use Mario Badescu (I’m not sponsored by them! I just really love his stuff, if you couldn’t tell lol) Enzyme Cleansing Gel. This has papaya and grapefruit extracts, so it’s great to wake up your skin in the morning as well.

Third Step: T.N. Dickinson’s Witch Hazel

This is what I use as my toner. I do this right after cleansing my face and patting it dry. I take a cotton pad and soak it in the toner and dab it on my whole face. This acts as one extra step to make sure your pretty face is squeaky clean.

This works best for dry/acne prone skin. Toner also reduces the appearance of larger pores, which is problem that I deal with. Also, a HUGE bonus is that this toner only costs about 5 bucks and is sold in most drug stores. Gotta love a bargain!

Capture 3.PNG

A great inexpensive toner. There are many brands of Witch Hazel, this is the one I use.

Fourth Step: Eden’s Semilla Vitamin E Oil


I know. You probably are shaking at the thought of voluntarily putting oil onto your face. Trust me! This is the type of oil you actually want on your face. Face oils, in general, are great for dry skin, ageing skin, and banishing blemishes. Just one thing you should know, not all oils works the same for everyone.

Like for acne prone skin, you should try tea tree oil or jojoba oil.


This tea tree and jojoba oil are great

For ageing skin, grape seed oil works best!

Dry skin babies, this is whear the vitamin E will work best. Here is great article that explains the many benefits on vitamin E oil.


This is the smaller bottle, which lasts me about 2-3 months. The bigger one can last up to 6 months.

Take a cotton pad or the tips of your finger and put product on them. Pat on your face and then your neck. Like anything in life, all in moderation. Too much oil can cause a breakout or clogged pores. You want just enough so that your skin feels soft and plump to the touch, but not so much that you feel like an oil slick. The oil might take a little bit to absorb into the face though. I also, like to leave this step for a little, meaning I’ll let my face oil sink in for about 2 minutes or so before going onto the next step.

For this step, if you really are concerned and have more questions, then, ask your dermatologist what they recommend.

Fifth Step: Mario Badescu Seaweed Night Cream (I know, I really love them)

This has been through the ringer. I’m just now running out of product.

This is my mom and I’s favorite night cream. After I put this on, I feel like my skin just feels more rejuvenated. Its lightweight but you still feel moisturized. Definitely worth the investment. It’s often on sale at Ulta, so I would purchase it then.

Sixth and Final Step:  Mario Badescu Hyaluronic Eye Cream

I personally think that you are never too young for eye cream. This one from Mario Badescu has tightening properties, which is great for your under-eye area, while leaving you feeling hydrated. I feel like it does reduce fine lines and the key to this is early protection. The point of eye cream, for me, is to prevent fine lines and wrinkles before they get to the point of no return.

I take a very small amount on the tips of finger and put it on my under-eye area and my brow bone area as well. I also make sure to use my ring finger to blend it in, because this is the finger that causes the least amount of pressure on the delicate skin.


This is small, but its lasts a long time.

Tip: I add the left over product on my fingers to my lips, because your eye and lip skin is similar.


This is my skincare routine that works for me. The key is to ask your dermatologist what they recommend, mine recommends Aczone Gel 7.5 or Dapsone gel. This requires a prescription, but it’s been really successful for my skin.

Also, do the research and look at reviews from people with a similar skin type as you. This is best way to figure out what works best for your skin!

Q: What is your holy grail skincare product that you cannot live without?

Hugs & Lipstick Marks,

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The Busy Millennial’s Guide to Looking Fab (in 5 steps)

The Gospel According to: Don’t have tiiiiiimmmmeee

You know that feeling when you think you forgot something. You’re rushing out the door for class or work and suddenly about ten minutes later you feel as if you’re forgetting something.


The dialogue in your brain is like…

So, then you end up like this…


I hope it isn’t too cold. (Photo from here)

Yeah…Not good.

Well this has recently happened to me except I didn’t forget something, more like I forgot to do something. Like wash off my Mario Badescu Drying Lotion, which leaves little pink splotches all over your face.

“How could it have happened?” you ask.

“Didn’t you look in the mirror once?”

The simple answer is normally  I do. But on this particular day I over slept. Causing me to run out the house in probably one of the worst outfits and also banging my toe to the coffee table and blah blah blah…you get the picture. So, no, I didn’t look in the mirror before leaving. And I drove the whole way to class with little pink pots on my whole face. I didn’t realize until about two hours later after my first class when I finally went to the bathroom. Luckily, they aren’t so apparent to the naked eye but if you stared at my face straight on you could definitely tell something was up.

So in lieu of that incident…here my top five tips for busy millennials, hopefully who don’t forget their pants…

5 Steps to Owning Your Makeup with a Hectic Life

tips #1

I know, I know…wishful thinking. But I promise you this saves so much time in the morning. Have it the order you normally go in. For me it’s brows, eyes, face, and lastly lips. In that order. Having everything laid out for you causes you not to scramble in the morning digging through your makeup bag or desk drawers searching for products.


I know if your like me and buy a lot of makeup through Sephora or Ulta online you always get free samples in the package. SAVE THOSE BAD BOYS! I  stick them into a plastic zip block bag for a rainy day. While it’s a great way to try new products, it can also be great for saving space in your makeup bag. Also, saves space in your real “bag” for emergencies. Travel sized products are great for makeup bags because…well…they’re travel sized.

samps Collage.png

Some of my travel sized products and these are just a few of my samples.

And if you’re not keeping some products in your bag on-the-go as we speak, let me convince to do so. This can be used for many things including last-minute plans with friends, a last-minute staff meeting, or that guy you’ve been seeing asks you out for drinks tonight. Or even sometimes after a long day. I’ll look in mirror and be an oily mess, so I’m in desperate need of some blotting sheets (these are my fav).

Pro Tip: at Sephora they will pretty much give samples of anything. Literally anything! Just ask one of the employees. Lipstick, foundation, powder, etc. And you can go back and get a sample of the same products if you don’t feel like splurging. Trust me, they get it.


This is definitely a trick of the trade. They’re so many makeup products that can be used for more than one purpose then they are intended for. This includes lipstick, bronzer, and contour kits.

Use your lipstick as blush. This is one of the oldest tricks in the book. After applying your lipstick as normal (foreseeing that it isn’t a crazy color like dark blue or black, but if that is what you want on your cheeks than by all means go right ahead, you do you boo) take a few dabs on your pointer finger and pat in a circular motion on the high points of your cheeks and apply as if you were applying a crème blush of sorts. If you do not know where you high points are, just smile to give you a better guide.

Also, your bronzer/contour can be used for so many things. I often use my contour kit as an eyeshadow palette. I use the tannest color as a transition shade and the darker color as outer corner shade. If you are using a contour kit, and it includes a brightening powder this can be used as a base, inner corner highlight, and brow bone highlight as well.

Also, use makeup palettes that have the whole kit and caboodle.

With palettes like the one above, it comes with everything you need, all in one. It doesn’t take up more space in your bag or even where you just store your makeup in general at home.


This tip is so crucial that I made its own number. That’s how seriously in love with these two products I am.

For my oily people:

As stated earlier you can use blotting sheets and blotting powder. Always keep them handy for when you feel that mid-day run down and your makeup is beginning to slide off your face. These are great for freshening up, but also when you come in from a scorching day. As stated earlier, I love the Fenty Beauty Invisimatte Blotting Papers, these get rid of the oily layer on you face but don’t disrupt your makeup. Just remember to always pat, never rub.

Also, Urban Decay’s De-Slick Mattifying Powder is great, if you need something a little more heavy-duty to help control oils that appear throughout the day.

For my dry people:

This is for the boys and gals with dry skin who need some moisture, oh, boy do I have the solution for you. I just started using this product last December and frankly I cannot imagine my skin/life without it. It’s the Evian Mineral Water Facial Spray.

Now, I know… I was just like you asking why I needed to be paying money for water in a spray can. I get it. But to be honest nothing feels more cooling or refreshing than this water spray. It’s always cold, so it never needs to be refrigerated or anything and the mist is so fine, it doesn’t leave water droplets on your face.

Also, a bonus is that it’s just what the can says “Mineral Water” nothing else, so you aren’t putting any chemicals on your face that could potentially cause breakouts. I usually buy the three pack from Sephora and one travel sized can will last about 3-4 months.



tips #1

If you’re near any department store, MAC, Sephora, or Ulta. Then, this next tip will work perfect for you. Not only do most of these places give free samples, but they have counters where you can use their tester makeup. Just ask one of the employees to spray them with alcohol to sanitize them. And you got yourself a last-minute look on the go.

Some places, even offer free makeovers. The one caveat is that you probably will need to buy some of the products used on your face. Sometimes, you don’t need to, but they will try to sell you one makeup, so they can make some commission. So, if you can at least buy one thing if you can. They are doing you a service that is normally charged for free. Think about it like this, you aren’t paying for the application, but you may pay for some of the product. I know Sephora has done with in the past, with $50 min purchase.


From Sephora’s Services page


Now you know it’s not hopeless. You can look fab, even when think you don’t have time to do so. Hope these tips help!

Q: What is your fav product for on-the-go?

Hugs & Lipstick Marks,

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How it all started…

The Gospel According to: an orange faced girl

If you read my about page, then you already know that one of my first makeup products was a shimmer loose bronzing powder given to me by my older cousin, Victoria.

bronze Collage.png

                                                                      THE bronzing powder.                                                                                 Estimated to be from 2005… Don’t worry I don’t use it anymore.

I thought the tanner, the more healthy you look, at least that’s what beauty magazines were telling me. Yikes. Orange face to the max.

Soon my collection grew to the essentials. The classic Maybelline® Great Lash Mascara in Blackest Black, Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation in a color 2-3 shades darker than my actual skin tone, and finally, the pièce de résistance, Lip Smacker Cherry Coke Lip Gloss. Yeah…if you’re anywhere between the ages of 18-32 you know exactly what I’m talking about.


My makeup of the mid 2000s in a nut shell.

Fast forward to about 2010. I had grown away from the days of watching Charlie Bit My Finger and the Muffins videos from YouTube. My friend…well someone on Tumblr…told me about this girl who made beauty vids on YouTube, Jaclyn Hill. She did a video teaching you how to achieve the perfect smoky eye with Urban Decay’s Naked Palette. Yes, that palette. The one that seemed to start this whole makeup craze. Then, I had my joint birthday party with my friend at the time, Sloan, who asked for the Urban Decay Primer Potion. Just a day later, I would also receive that eye shadow primer with the coveted “asked-for-everyday-begged-and-pleaded-for” Naked Palette…


Yes, I still have it. This is the same palette from 2010.


You can clearly see in this pic which shades I felt comfortable using. The ones on the right were for when I was feeling ~adventurous~

From there on that palette was my gateway into a world I would be sucked into forever. I looked up pretty much every tutorial to do with the eye shadows. So, watching makeup tutorials pretty much took up my whole life. When I wasn’t in school or sleeping I would watch beauty gurus for hours. It never left me bored.

I loved makeup for many reasons. I loved it because it gave me an outlet to express myself and even though I wouldn’t necessarily be doing any crazy outside of box looks until later in my beauty journey, I loved the people who weren’t afraid to step out of their comfort zone. For me, that women was NikkieTutorials. Also, being plus sized most of my life there were three things that I always loved. My nails, shoes, and makeup. None of these things you can ever be “too big” for and not fit in. Makeup always fit me.

It was an escape from a crazy life. Now, my makeup skills have progressed tremendously throughout the years all thanks to those videos. Little did I know that they weren’t just teaching me how to do wing liner, but they were also giving me the confidence that I lacked as a teenager. It made me money in high school, when I did people’s makeup for special occasions. So, it led to even more opportunities to me.

Not to mention the look on my face when I swatch a new highlighter *cue angelic choir*. That still hasn’t changed.

Makeup has taken me on journey like no other. As I sit here today I can even get emotional thinking about it. Hope that doesn’t seem too sappy. So, I’ll leave you with this question:

Q: What was your first experience with makeup?

Hugs & Lipstick Marks,

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Some of us are made of sarcasm, wine, and everything fine.

The Gospel According to: The New Girl

I remember the first time I became aware of what beauty was. I saw it when I would watch my mother put on her lipstick before going out. She would first take deep brown lip liner something like MAC’s Spice. Then, she would take lighter brown shade and fill in the full lip. “POP!” She smeared her lips together and she was ready to go.

I also saw this with my grandma. Both my mom and dad’s mothers took pride in their beauty. My dad’s mom always had porcelain unblemished skin since I can remember, and my mom’s mom was literally one of the most beautiful girls in all of Brooklyn. I had been told on several occasions that she was popular and that all the men wanted to court her (not that “being wanted by men and being popular” are truly what beauty is). But I definitely could see why she was loved by everyone, my grandma was beautiful inside and out. That is really what makes someone beautiful to me. It the content of what lies in their heart and soul. How they treat others and how they care for others as well.

My aunt Darlene always put on lipstick before she would even think about taking a picture. Always reminding my mom to do the same. So, you can say makeup has been a heavy part of my life since I was a child.

All in all, beauty is what you make of it. And here on this blog everyone is included. No race, gender, or sexuality is excluded. And if anyone wants to come here and spread hate then you can see the door on your way out because this place is a safe haven for everyone who loves makeup and expressing themselves. What you might find pretty, some might not and vice versa. That’s OK! Just be respectful is all I ask.

While makeup is great tool for people to be creative and express themselves, the beauty inside their heart is really what matters when the makeup wipe removes that glitter cut crease at the end of day. You are strong, resilient, and your own person. Makeup is not for us to cover up how we truly are, it’s our war paint.

I’m new at this whole blogging thing, so stick with me. I’m learning and hope to grow with you as we go on this journey together. We can discover some tips and trick of beauty for the 21st century person, while also figuring out the beauty inside as well. I will share stories about my makeup journey and what the millennial mind-set is pertaining to the current beauty industry as well.

We aren’t perfect… no one is, no matter how much makeup we put on. So, I decided at the end of each blog I’m going to leave a question with you. It doesn’t need to be a long wordy answer, it could even be just a few words. But comment down below your answer and let’s get the conversation started. I’ll be joining in too! For this first one, I’m going to start with something simple:

Q: When did you first realize what “beauty” was?

Hugs and Lipstick Marks,

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Sabrina Selfie #1

A selfie of me at a wedding this weekend.

Products used in this look:



I also self-tanned with Loving Tan’s 2 HR Express Self Tanning Mousse in Dark, using the MineTan’s Bronze On Applicator Mitt. Jewelry (including nose ring) are from Claires. Dress is from ASOS. Finally, hair done at OneBlowDry Bar by the amzing Asia.

Bobbi Brown Quote

A quote from the makeup queen herself, Bobbi Brown.